Session Rates


£50 /50 min


£30 / 50 min

All counselling session rates are per session and include EFT as needed.


If you feel like I am the person you would like to work with and find it very difficult to find the full fee per session please speak to me. Before you ask, please bear in mind that sometimes you might only need a minimal number of sessions and therefore the value is even greater!


My cancellation policy is not too difficult! I will completely respect you and in return I expect you will respect me and not be late for appointments, or make any last minute cancellations unless there is a very good reason. Sometimes the traffic is bad, or someone falls ill, and these things are part of life and I am open to rescheduling. Please let me know, preferably as soon as you know, there might be a problem.

Health Insurance

This information will be updated in due course.


All payments are by direct bank transfer. I will give you my bank details so that you can log them on your system and then payments can be made either in advance of a session or on the day of the session.

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