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What is Counselling?

What is Counselling?

Counselling can help you deal with emotional issues.


By talking to a qualified therapist, who is trained to listen and support you.

What can Counselling Help With?

  • Emotion issues

    Emotion issues cover a range of situations, due to many factors. Counselling can help with anxiety, stress, phobias and mental health.

  • Relationship difficulties

    People are complex, relationships perhaps more so. Counselling can help, including arguing, separation and divorce.

  • Confidence

    Some people seem to be born with confidence in abundance, others have it knocked out of them. Counselling can help you rebuild your confidence.

  • Addictions

    Drugs, gambling and food are common addictions which often have an underlying cause, that can be tackled with counselling.

  • Loss and bereavement

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  • Abuse & Domestic violence

    The death of a loved-one is one of the most traumatic events people can experience. Counselling can help with your bereavement.

How does Counselling Work?

Some people think that counselling involves two people just "having a chat". In reality, counsellors use tried and tested techniques to help you gain new insights into your issues, and look at them in a different way.

How do We Meet Up?

Face to Face in Person

At my treatment room in Cheshire

Online Video Meeting

Anywhere in the world via MS Teams, Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom

By telephone

Landline, mobile, and some smartphone apps

Is Counselling Effective?

The effectiveness of counselling is evidence based, which means that there are scientific studies with evidence that is consistent with its effectiveness.

This does not mean that a particular therapy is guaranteed to resolve your issues, as it depends on many factors.